The Dream That Lasted 40 Years:

Pam and I eventually moved to Sierra Vista, Arizona with our daughter.  The Lord instructed me to take my family and submit myself under the authority of Pastor Larry Deason “until the Lord told me otherwise”.


Shortly after moving to a trailer park named Cloud Nine Mobile-Home park, I experienced a strange dream which I now call ‘the dream that lasted forty years’.  I knew during and after the dream that it was more than just a dream.  I could feel the Lord’s Spirit moving over my life in a profound way which only intensified after waking from the dream. I will never forget how I heard God voice calling me. I did not hear Him call my name or hear God’s voice; instead, I merely knew God was calling.  Suddenly as I entered the dream I was standing in a dark void; dark but not menacing.  Dark, yet still lighted.  I stood scrutinizing a Bible which sat on a pedestal opened to Genesis, chapter one.  As I looked on, a rectangular section of light highlighted several verses on the page.  Sometimes, there would only be one verse highlighted, and at other times, there might be numerous verses or entire sections highlighted.  In each case the voice of the Lord would then begin to expound, explain or fill in the blanks as the highlighted section move through God’s Word.  I was stunned, God Himself was teaching me the depth and meaning of His Word.

Each time God’s voice stopped the highlighted sections were finished; then the highlighted rectangle would move on to the next section of text and God’s voice would continue. I don’t remember reaching the end of the Bible but I know we were close to the end of Revelation.  When I finally woke I could not remember even one word spoken during the dream.  I remember the dream, but not the word God actually spoke.

One of the dream’s oddest aspects was the distant expanse of time which took place during the dream. It seemed the dream lasted for years.  I remember not being able to grasp the amount of time which had passed.  This anomaly stood out and puzzled me for ages.  The next morning I shared the dream with Pam telling her just how mystified I was by the extended timespan.  I told Pam it seemed as though it went on for decades, but I knew it was not centuries.  I know I’m sort of contradicting myself a little but that’s just the way the dream went and felt.

Years later, November of 2001, I suddenly perceived what I could not grasp so many years earlier. I could not ‘get it’ then because I had not lived a long enough life.

I was driving home from Fort Lowell Park in Tucson, Arizona when the awareness came over me. It took place in a moment with me suddenly re-experiencing a portion of the dream, the latter portion.  The span of the dream was somewhat acute lasting somewhere between thirty-five to forty years.  Earlier I couldn’t recognize the dream’s length of time because I had not lived long enough to recognize that many years. Though it had been something which had troubled before the revelation I was no longer confused.  I recognized what forty years felt like.  I now understand, that the dream actually lasted around 40 years.  God is so very cool!


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May God richly bless you!

Steven R. Harrel