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In the post, “True-Life 8” the Lord provided a Word of Knowledge which saved Pam’s life. According to “the Word” Pam needed to be rushed to Tucson Medical Center (TMC) as quickly as possible.  At the time, we had no idea she was in such danger.  Based on tests performed by the physicians on duty, if Pam had arrived even one half hour later she would most likely have died.  Severe blood loss.

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Several days later, following her speedy recovery, Thursday, October 31st 1985 – Halloween day, Pam was released. Before leaving the hospital however, we consulted with her primary care doctor who informed us that Pam would be unable, or at the very least, very unlikely to get pregnant again for at least four to six months.  She had suffer great trauma during the Tubal pregnancy and her system was traumatized.  We were a little disappointed at the time because we had been trying to have another baby since the first of September.  But completely happy Pam was doing so well after a major surgery.  Thank You, Lord!  Besides, the fun is in the practice, right?

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Six days later. On November 6th just a few days after Pam was released, we received a prophecy from a woman named Eva Presley. Though we did not know her well, she was a known prophetess of the Lord having recorded numerous prophecies which were followed by confirmations and subsequent fulfillments to her credit (this we were told and did not witness for ourselves).  Mrs. Presley specifically said, “Pam will be pregnant before the end of the year and conceive a boy who will one day become a man of God.  She was not referring to a general Christian life, but an actual “man of God.”  Still not sure what that exactly means for our son.

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Bear in mind, in the first “True-Life” post in the series, I recount a significantly similar event before my birth.  Have no idea what the connection if any – might be.  Again, only the Lord knows.

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I told Mrs. Presley that the doctors said it was not really possible but she remained steadfast, even adamant that Pam would conceive before years end.

Though I truly doubted her forecast, it happened even as she predicted. Pam conceived on December 6th 1985, less than one month before year’s end.  Aaron was then born on September 5th 1986.  We were blessed with a chubby little bouncing baby boy. We named him Aaron simply because we liked the name.  It is also Biblical.

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For the past thirtyish years we have watched Aaron embrace the Lord and his ways. We have not pushed him towards a godly or devout life or expected more of him than anyone else.  For to do so has been and will remain God’s job.  It has however been a pleasure to watch him grow in the things of the Lord.  Still, Aaron is just a man, a flawed man, and imperfect, troubled at times, but consistently a godly man seeking after the things of the Lord.  Remember, we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.  No one gets ‘saved’ outside of the name of Jesus.  Aaron included.  To God’s credit… Aaron has become a steadfast servant of the Lord.  His walk with the Lord is not between Aaron and me; rather, I am happy to say, his walk is in the Lord and in God’s hands.  In what safer place could his relationship be than in God’s hands?

Thank You, Lord!  Thank You for everyone reading this and every post I’ve written.  Bless each and every person reading this post with a dynamic relationship in You.  I know You have a plan Lord because You have shown this to be true throughout my life.  I am proud to call myself Your Child.  I am a Child of the Living God and brother to Jesus Christ.  I adore knowing You and receiving Your love.

Glory to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

If you have experience such a profound connection with our Creator feel free to share.

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