Picture 142So what is with the links?  You did not explain or sum up the links in the “True Life” series numbers 5, 6 and 7?

No I did not!  Most often I try to lay out the information exactly as I have received.  A prophet’s or seer’s job is categorically not to interpret, embellish, exaggerate, add to or subtract from what God has said, shown or conveyed.  To even interpret a vision or Word of Knowledge without direction from the Lord is most likely foolhardy.

I’ll provide an example.

In the early part of 1987 I was working as a salesman for a Bowling/Golf scorecard advertising company out of Tucson, Arizona.  In this capacity I dropped in on a Martial Arts school on the northwest side of the city.  As I approached the door to the school’s office I was suddenly filled with an intimate awareness of the senior instructor’s life and marriage.  Sensei Dave and I had not previously met.  After casual introductions I quickly mentioned I had received a Word from the Lord about his life.  Though his face displayed how skeptically he received my announcement, after my first revelation about his sex-life was spot on and the next 45 minutes sharing intimate details about his and his wife’s life, marriage and overall wellbeing proved true, he was finally ready to hear what God brought me to his dojo to say (not that I had a clue beforehand). The Lord then provided Biblical answers for most of the issues in his life which the Word of Knowledge exposed.  I was actually a bit embarrassed myself, the Lord revealed several intimate details I would not normally discuss with a stranger. Just as I was about to leave and move on to the next potential sale, the Lord gave me a vision.

US military vehicles were suddenly displayed before my eyes.  I remember seeing a five-ton and a duce and a half followed by a Gore and APC.  Numerous military vehicles were paraded across my vision before I turned to Sensei Dave and shared.  I said, “I’ve just seen a vision of huge military vehicles.”  I listed all the vehicles in the vision and waited for him to respond.  Sensei Dave simply asked what I thought the vision meant.  I immediately told him I wasn’t sure, but maybe…

There was my mistake.  I had zero idea what the vision was supposed to convey; nevertheless, I opened my big mouth and said, “Well, it probably means the Lord is going to pour great blessings into yours and your wife’s life, but I’m not sure.”  I was wrong, of course.

About a month later I decide to give Sensei Dave a call and see how he and his wife were doing.  To my surprise, his wife answered at the dojo.  After discovering my connection to the Word of Knowledge she opened up about what was going on with her and Dave.

She was running and teaching at the school now because Private Dave enlisted in the US Army.  She share how Sensei Dave had been praying for three or four months before I had arrived that famed day.  He was trying to decide if he should enlist in the US Army as a heavy equipment operator, but just could not make up his mind.  Apparently it was something he had wanted to do for many years.  When he received the Lord’s vision he knew it was a confirmation and joined the military within just a few days.

Fortunately, my interpretation was horrible.  Imagine if I had presented a wonderful interpretation.  Sensei Dave may not have made his decision with such alacrity and confidence.  Only the Lord knows.

Bear in mind, if the Lord wants us to interpret He will let us know.  Mostly, we are just required to speak with a kind of educated faith.  At least, that is the case for my life.  Since the age of nine God has accustomed my spirit to identify His voice, visions and method of conveying concepts.  I have made mistakes, but hopefully not too many, thank the Lord. Generally speaking, the person receiving the Word or prophecy from the Lord either knows what the prophet or seer is presenting or they soon will.  We are talking about a personal Word or prophecy.  In the “I shall open doors for you…” prophecy I just know it had to come from God.  The chance someone could receive “by coincidence” eight identical prophecies – through multiple sources and while in several different cities – in less than a year – is astronomically absurd.

It is for this and other reasons I firmly believe the “I shall open doors for you…” prophecy was an answer to the prayer I had prayed in the Italian wilderness.  I have sat for more than thirty years waiting on the Lord to fulfill that prophecy and I believe the fulfillment has recently begun!  Yet, there is no reason for me to worry.  Anyone paying attention to the “True Life” blogs would be short-sighted and dull of wit not to see the miraculous interventions of God in just the last three blogs; let alone all nine.  Even a non-believing reader should be hard pressed to not see the hand of something greater than ourselves in these posts.

So I guess you should ask yourself:

Are the events depicted in the “True Life” series genuine or am I simply fabricating the stories?  I can tell you I am not.

Did the Creator actually reach into this author’s life and the lives of so many around me in order to present eight identical prophecies?  What is the alternative?

Or, is this author simply nuts? You know, insane, fruit-loops, bent on the inside straight, loony-tunes, zipadee-doo-dah hairy madman crazy?

100MEDIA36IMAG01440409111609bsI said Yes

I vote for the zipadee-doo-dah hairy madman crazy.  I’ve seen myself in that photo above.  He is a crunchy-smoothie…    What?

You decide and let me know what you think.  I already know what I think.  I’m not always sure about what my wife thinks or if I want to know.  Poor woman:)

To share your thoughts, contact me at: thissideofthewhirlwind@gmail.com; or simply leave a comment below.  Whatever you decide, you should have a beautiful day because Jesus totally loves you!  And… smile!