The Seventy Weeks of Daniel


We will now examine one of the most powerful prophecies the world has ever known. In Daniel 9:21-27 the angel Gabriel delivers the Seventy Weeks of Daniel prophecy to Daniel, a prince of the tribe of Judah, while he labored under the authority of his Babylonian captors. Scripture indicates his meeting with Gabriel took place in approximately 538 BC, during the first year of King Darius of the Medes’ reign. Daniel, after reading the book of Jeremiah, came to understand the reasons for Israel’s obligatory seventy years in captivity (Jeremiah 29:10). Only after receiving this revelation could he also effectively understand and write the Seventy Weeks of Daniel prophecy.


God’s Perfect Timing

Over the next several posts the many amazing nuances within the Seventy Weeks of Daniel will be exposed. Daniel could only glean the details of this stunning prophecy after receiving divine understanding from the angel Gabriel.  As evidenced by its remarkable fulfillment, the Seventy Weeks of Daniel is one of the most succinct and impressive prophecies ever written in God’s Word or anywhere else. Incredibly, the prophecy accurately followed God’s prearranged time line, fulfilling 2500 years of instructions and sculpting the prophecy’s ebb and flow through history to its final sequence, The Great Consummation (coming soon).  The prophecy is a wonder and tribute to the miraculous power, wisdom, ingenuity, and authority of God.  Daniel’s prophecy commences with Israel’s restoration to the Promised Lands in approximately 536 BC.  The period between the return of the Israelites and the restoration of Jerusalem’s walls satisfied the “during troublous times” element of the prophecy.  The walls were completed in 437 BC, completing the prophecy’s first stage of fulfillment.  (Spoiler alert: how does 101 years translate into 49 years?) This exposition through the Seventy Weeks of Daniel will be more than a wonder to all who read.

In order to fulfill the prophecy’s complex structure it was necessary for the Seventy Weeks of Daniel prophecy to accurately start and stop on numerous occasions and on schedule in order to fully accommodate the prophecy’s guidelines. Within the edicts, system of fulfillment and structure of this multifaceted prophecy, we find the following purposes and fulfillments revealed. Bear in mind, much of this prophecy had been hidden from the world for nearly 2500 years, hidden until the time of “The End.”  That time is now!

The Seventy Weeks of Daniel prophecy reveals the following prophetic elements:

  1. The guidelines Jesus had to follow to bring salvation to the world
  2. The creation of the Sabbatical Laws
  3. The reason for Israel’s 490 years of disobedience
  4. Why Israel had to suffer 70 years in captivity
  5. Timing for Israel’s return from Babylon to the Promised Lands in 536 BC
  6. The timing for Christ’s birth
  7. The timing for Christ’s ministry
  8. Why Jesus ministered three and a half years
  9. Why Jesus needed to die for humanity
  10. The reason the veil of the Temple was split in two at Christ’s death
  11. Why Jesus was required to die and rise again
  12. Why Jesus uttered, “It is done.”
  13. How long the Great Consummation will last
  14. And why the Great Consummation must take place
  15. We will also learn why and approximately when Jesus will return for the Body of Christ at the time of the Rapture and later with the Body of Christ at the Battle of Armageddon.

If there reasons were not enough, listed here are many of the reasons the prophecy is extraordinary. The activation key to the prophecy’s very fulfillment was established approximately174 years before Daniel began to write his first words of the prophecy. Nearly two centuries earlier Isaiah wrote the Cyrus prophecies naming Cyrus, a future Persian king, as the one who would one day conquer Babylon, seize its throne, overthrow Israel and provoke the Seventy Weeks of Daniel prophecy. The Isaiah prophecy itself convinced King Cyrus to give the commandment to rebuild and restore Jerusalem (Isaiah 44:21 through 45:19). Following this eye-opening augury, King Cyrus directed Ezra and his people to leave Babylon, return to the lands of Israel and restore the city of Jerusalem, its Temple and walls during troublous times. What a remarkable sequence of events and stunning fulfillment this prophecy has achieved. Imagine Cyrus’s surprise when he found his name literally written in an ancient Hebrew text, one scribed over 150 years earlier and before his birth.

We will continue next time by unveiling key elements hidden within the prophecy, hidden for generations by God until the time of The END was threatening the world.

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