Mogollon Rim

Mogollon Rim

Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt 3

My brother and I descended into a deep and narrow valley as we hiked the upper Mogollon Rim in the heart of Arizona’s pine country.   Though it was a beautiful day at the beginning of our adventure, a few hours later the weather was turning grim.  Within thirty minutes the weather overhead changed from bright and sunny to an ever darkening and threatening thunderhead.  We decided to get out of the valley by climbing above any flash-flood danger and so began scaling the semi-steep sides of the valley.  Unfortunately, we were a little late.  Before we had climbed halfway to the forest floor above the rains began to fall in sheets as the clouds burst.  A deluge of rain fell bringing a torrent from above and slippery rocks beneath our feet.  Lightning split the skies as thunder rolled across the heavens.  We climbed with purpose knowing a river of waters could descend from above at any moment.  Though by brother was only 15 feet away he could not hear my shouts as I urged haste.  Without warning I lost my footing and slid some ten to fifteen feet down the face of the mountain.  My heart started pounding as I glanced to the valley floor some 150 feet below.  I knew if I fell my brother would not be able to help me.  Not with the rains already starting to fill the narrow valley below and the sides of the valley so steep.  That’s when it happened!

The rains continued to fall even as the lightning and thunder continued to split the skies; but for me, the world around me fell silent. Within moments I experienced each of the seven previous prophecies, the “I shall open doors for you,” prophecies within my mind; then suddenly, in the silence, I heard a voice behind me speaking clearly; bear in mind, I was on a steep mountainside where a voice should not have been able to exist.  The voice of God spoke, “Have I fulfilled these things in your life?” referring to the seven previous “I shall open doors for you” prophecies.

I literally turn my head and searched the skies behind me expecting to see a face hanging  there in the sky.  There was no face!  I responded to HIS voice, the voice I knew to be the Lord, “No my Lord, You have not.”

“Then you cannot die!” In that moment I knew the Lord was saying I could not die UNTIL whatever the Lord had planned for my life was fully accomplished.

After the Lord finished speaking, my heart quickly settled to a normal pace and natural sounds returned; that was when I heard my brother shouting to me. I could not hear his exact words due to the sound of the rain, but I could read his lips as he anxiously asked if I were okay.  When we got to the top of the forest floor I asked if he had also heard the voice of the Lord.  All he heard, he said, was the repeated reports of thunder rumbling over the forest, nothing more.

I have not heard the prophecy repeated since that day; however, I have waited more than twenty-five years to see it fulfilled.

Today, it seems as though the Lord has begun to fulfill the “I shall open doors for you” prophecy. I do not know for sure yet, but He will in His perfect timing.  Ten years ago, 2006 the Lord began revealing prophecies previously given to the Prophets Daniel and John.  Prophecies the Lord command hidden until the Latter Days were actually taking place.  That is today.  Those prophecies are now revealed in “This Side of the Whirlwind” even as the Apostle Paul revealed to the Colossians, “Christ in you the hope of glory,” which represents the first half of a series of prophecies related to the Covenant of Jesus Christ.  This Side of the Whirlwind brings the second half of Christ’s covenant.

I share these amazing and true stories not to elevate Steven Harrel, such is unimportant, but to illustrate the length to which the Lord has already gone to prepare His message for the Great Consummation. I say this, the end of our world as we know it is much closer than you realize.  We are in the last few years of the Latter Days.

In 2006 the Lord gave me the following Word of Knowledge from two different sources seven to ten days apart:

Then the LORD replied:

“Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets

so that a herald may run with it.

The revelation awaits an appointed time.

It speaks of the End and shall not prove false.

Though it lingers, wait for it,

for it will certainly come and not delay.”

(Habakkuk 2:3)

God has a plan for these Latter Days!

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