The Latter Days are Now!

What a statement! How can anyone positively declare the Latter Days are taking place at this very moment and impacting our world? How can anyone say the Word declares we are living in a day of prophetic fulfillment?

The answer is simple, prophecy. God’s Word prophesied the coming of the Latter Days with very specific details and what the Body of Christ is to do when the Latter Days occurs. Here are just a few of the conclusive prophecies fulfilled since the Latter Days began 71½  years ago. Note, each of these details has been fully realized.

  1. The prophecies indicate Israel must reemerge as a nation in the Promised Lands after being held captive by a northern country which will enslave the Israelites and place them under a form of cruel bondage (Deuteronomy 30-31; Jeremiah 16:14-18; Jeremiah 23:7-20; Jeremiah 30:1-24).
    • The European Jews during the Holocaust.
  2. The Jews must have suffered greatly and returned following countless cruelties and death. The Holocaust fulfilled both of these points and many more aspects of the prophecies.
  3. The Israelites must no longer be known as the nation redeemed from the land of Egypt; rather, during the Latter Days Israel must become more commonly known as that nation which was redeemed from the lands of the North and gathered from the four corners of the earth. This too has been fulfilled since Israel became a sovereign state in May of 1948 (Jeremiah 16:14-16; Jeremiah 23:7-8; Jeremiah 30:1-24).
  4. After being freed by a foreign power, the Israelites must return to their faith in God in the lands of their forefathers in the lands of Israel during a period Biblically known as the Latter Days (Jeremiah 16:14-16; 23:7-8; Hosea 3:4-5).
  5. Israel’s restoration must have taken place at least once before in their history and then once again after many generations in exile from their God and the Promised Lands.
  6. Christians and Jews alike must have access to salvation during the Latter Days (Isaiah 11:8-16).
  7. The Latter Days is not to exceed a span of more than 80 years before Christ returns and God’s wrath falls on an unrepentant world (The Parable of the Fig Tree and Psalms 90:10).

These are just a few of the prominent prophecies which positively establish the world is going thru the Latter Days at this time and nearly at the end of the Church Age and world governments as we know it/them. If you would like more information on this subject you can find it in, “This Side of the Whirlwind”.  Look and you can find positive proof and concrete answers.

Accept the Challenge

So, what are we to do? What should we, Christians, be doing about the Latter Days?

Every Christian should be actively providing the salvation message to every person we meet. We should be healing the sick, casting out demons, raising the dead and loving our fellowman even as Christ loves us.  Remember, love is a verb, an action word and not just a feeling.

We must get out of our homes, churches and businesses so we can preach the gospel before time runs out.  Such is the point for “This Side of the Whirlwind.”  We are to warn everyone we can while we are still on this side of God’s Wrath, i.e. the Whirlwind!

How many people do we know who are lost, not saved and headed straight to destruction without the saving grace of Jesus Christ – we so richly enjoy?  Bear in mind, every one of these people are people Jesus died to save.

I know the Bible says the way is wide to destruction (Matthew 7:13-14) but the door to salvation is still open for just a little bit longer.  Be aware, it is not just the Pastor’s job to reach souls; rather, it is every Believer’s job as a potential brother or sister in Christ to invite everyone we know and meet to the wedding supper of the Lamb.  Remember, we are the Bride (Revelation 19:7).

Don’t waste their salvation ON, “Everyone has their own calling” mumbo-jumbo.  That dog won’t sniff.

  • Consider, that neighbor you say hello to from time to time…
  • or the Cashier you smile at whenever you’re at the store…
  • or the friendly Cabbies you tipped today or yesterday…
  • Bear in mind = Each of these individuals could be detoured from their journey to eternal destruction by a simple loving Word from you.

Some day… if someone they’ve met, know, meet tomorrow or run into soon DOES NOT show them the love of Jesus they could too easily wind up in Hell; which is a bit permanent.

So like it or not… The Latter Days are here!

The Latter Days is the name of the Bible times in which we’re living.  The Great Consummation is the last stage of the Latter Days which fulfills the second half of Christ’s Covenant with humanity JUST before Christ’s return takes place and our world in apocalypse changes hands and governments to the hands of Jesus.

So, if the love of Christ is the answer, how can we let so many “we love, know or care about” slip away?  

Let me know what your thoughts are on this subject?