We met on the way to Kindergarten, our first day of school, September ’64, becoming fast friends. Just a few days later Mike’s family moved two houses down and across the street from our family home.  Oh happy days!  Over the next twelve years Mike and I would hang-out more often than not and regularly have lunch or dinner with his family or mine. We came to know each other’s families nearly as well as our own. We became the best of friends.  We were like family.  We are family.

During the summer of 1974 we were fourteen and still best of friends.  Mike and I were kicking-it (chillaxing as you might say today) in Mike’s room when I received another Word of Knowledge (information from God). I was a bit surprised by the content and still too young and dumb to exercise proper discretion.  So I did what most fourteen year olds would do, I didn’t bother to think first and just blurted out the information without considering how it might impact Mike or his family.

I said, “Hey Mike, guess what I just heard?”

“What!” I remember He was in a really bad mood that day.

Foolishly I continued, “I just heard in my “knower” that your mom and dad are not your real mom and dad.”

Mike responded, “What are you talking about?”

I replied, “Well, you know how I sometimes get information in what I call my “knower”?

He said, “Yeah.”

I chuckled at the time thinking myself cool because I had shocking information to share, “Well, I just heard (though it actually came as more of a concept) that your mom and dad are not your real parents. Your real mom is somewhere in Virginia and there is something really crazy about that situation and your real dad is just out there. I don’t know where he is?  He is just out there.”

Mike took the information fairly well, he ran off for two weeks without telling anyone. Well, I guess he could have handled it better.  At the end of his misadventure, when Mike finally returned home, he asked me to go with him to confront his parents.  Once home, His parents confronted him and of course demanded to know why he had run away.  He then blurted out, “You’re not my real mom and dad! My real mom is in Virginia and I don’t know where my real dad is, but you’re not him.”

Shocked, Mike’s parents asked him where he had acquired this information, to which he replied, “Steve told me. He knows things.” I was not welcome for a while.

(The Photo is from 1976 with Mike on the left. Dig those groovy threads. Wild man!)

Steve and Mike 76Long story short, the father Michael grew-up with was in fact his uncle, his father’s brother. The woman he called mom was not of a blood-relation but did love and raise him to the best of her ability.  His biological mother was indeed in a mental institution in West Virginia since shortly after his birth and his bio-dad was nowhere to be found until years later.  As Mike’s bio-mom had no other family, Mike’s uncle and subsequent adopted parents claimed him as an infant once they were married. I’m sure they did the best they could.

Though I cannot say why God provided this type of information, it was not the only time God imparted sensitive information to me as a youth. During these formative years I blew-it a lot learning to hear God’s voice and to repeat only those things which I had personally seen, heard or understood in a conceptual sense. Obviously I had to learn discretion.  I also had to learn not to attempt to interpret.  If the Lord did not provide an interpretation then I was not to interpret.

Bear in mind, I was raised in a church which did not believe the saints could hear God’s voice, at this time, or in a literal sense .  Rather than accept an adolescent or teenager could be hearing from the Lord, the church’s Pastors and deacons attempted to convince me I was either extremely perceptive or had ESP.  ESP was the rave of the day and such was the reason I said the knowledge came from my “Knower” rather than claiming I was hearing from God.  Over the years I came to understand God was training me to hear His voice, teaching me to speak only those things specifically uttered and not to add-to or subtract from His message.  When I was younger I seemed to hear His  voice with much greater volume and clarity.  However, as I’ve matured in the things of the Lord His voice has become subtle, requiring greater faith to speak out in His name.  Beware; false prophets and false prophecy as these are signs for the Latter Days.

It is not a little thing to say you are hearing God’s voice or to claim God has given you a message for the Latter Days.  Nevertheless, this is my claim; rather, my proclamation which I will shout to the entire world. God has sent me with a message and it is called, “This Side of the Whirlwind.”  Within its pages is critical information for the survival of the Body of Christ during these last few years.  Get the book! Read it, live it, learn it as if your life depends on it, for it does!

More to follow in the coming days and weeks. God has richly spoken and moved in my life and the world will reap the whirlwind if it does not listen.  Give glory to God and Him alone!