Consider the European Markets and the Euro Currency


In the 1970s and 1980s I spent time in Europe. Italy had its Lire, Germany the Mark, United Kingdom the Pound and so on.  The Euro was only a virtual currency in 1999 and not fully adopted by most European Union countries until 2002. Numerous European nations finally transformed their currency. Much of the transformation was the results of financial instability within each nation. Today most European nations carry the Euro with just a few exceptions: the United Kingdom, Denmark and Sweden among the few.

When your nation does decide to implement the Mark of the Beast, and that will not be far off, it will not ask your permission. Of Course, it will not be named “The Mark of the Beast” either, but it will be The Mark all the same.

Someday soon cash and coin will no longer be the currency of choice. In fact, cash today is scarcely the desired currency with so many owning smart-wallets, smartphones, and chipped credit/debit cards all available through a variety of media and more readily accepted than checks in most places. For over two thousand years, the Bible forecast this transition with the coming of a required mark for financial transactions. The Bible calls the device the Mark of the Beast or The Mark, the world merely asks, “Credit or Debit.”

By introducing The Mark’s technology through popular media, such as bio-implanted smartchips or smartphones, governments will be able to achieve dominance over entire populations without firing a single shot. Citizens are already running to their nearest kiosks, money in hand, purchasing “The Mark” without the least understanding of future consequences. Remember, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge …”(1) Be advised, corporations are currently asking for volunteer’s to receive corporate smartchips. Through implantable chips and devices corporations can now manage a variety of management, security, payroll and personnel issues without ever leaving the versatility of the corporate-laptop. Smart move for business.

As cash becomes a thing of the past, digital money becomes the wave of the future, with new technologies rushing in to fill the void. As governments convert their monetary systems from cash to cashless, so too will the financial tools move to accepted media, such as bio-implanted technologies. By all accounts, bio-implants are here and here to stay. Implants with NFC (2) capabilities are becoming fully integrated into the general population with a variety of financial implications attached. The new wetware-style implants are taking the form of password keys, embedded cell phones, personalized bio-computers, memory storage devices, and employee pass cards, to name only a few. (Note: to my knowledge, embedded cell phones are not yet available) Our personal finance and banking needs are also being impacted by embedded smart-wallets and smartphones as well as bio-IDs and of course bio-implanted medical records and information storage tools. Once the technology expands beyond the mainstream of commerce and business, governments will sound the clarion call, requiring the Mark for every citizen, young or old, citing an urgent need for accurate census records as well as the hastening of a more secure financial and identification system.  They must have their taxes. And why would they not?

The technology for the Mark must proliferate throughout the financial world long before the device will be employed as the Mark of the Beast. Only by bringing the technology into the forefront of modern society and fashion will the Beast (the Anti-Christ) be able to overcome the Christian reluctance toward the tech as a whole. Once related technologies have exceeded the necessary levels for general acceptance and forward momentum, the Great Consummation will begin with the Beast compelling every citizen young and old to receive the financial and identification applications embedded within the Mark of the Beast(3). Unfortunately, too many Christians are immature in their faith, people who desire to possess the new and popular technology far more than they crave following God’s Word. All the red flags and warning signs in the world may not slow down a foolish babe in Christ. After all, a person does not need to be a Christian to have heard about the Mark of the Beast or know better than to accept The Mark’s instant damnation!

  1. Hosea 4:6
  2. NFC: near-field communications technology is capable of transmitting payment data without the need for physical contact.
  3. Revelation 13:5, “… it was allowed to exercise authority for 42 months …”; Revelation 13:11–18, “… that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark …

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