Sometime near 9 p.m., I was hanging out with my sister’s boyfriend, Jim, at the Arco service-station on the corner of Roosevelt and 9th street in Phoenix, Arizona.  He managed the station, ran the pumps and serviced vehicles.  I must have been about ten or eleven years old at the time. Her boyfriend was working under the frontend of an older model vehicle while I was goofing off by the gas-pumps.  Occasionally Jim would allow me to pump gas for customers.

On this particular evening as I stood by the pumps an older woman happened to stroll through the station’s filling area. I waved as she passed and received no response. After a few seconds I became acutely aware the woman was going to jump in front of a passing car right there on Roosevelt.  She was going to kill herself and I did not know what to do! Within moments I ran over to Jim shouting, “Jim, this lady is going to jump in front of a car and kill herself, come quickly.”

In the few moments it took for Jim to scramble out from under the car and round the building it was too late. We watched as the woman walked to the curb and then launched herself out into the speeding traffic. Sadly, she succeeded. A short time later Jim asked how I knew she was going to jump in front of a car.  At that time, all I could tell him was that I knew.  I just knew way down deep inside what I then called my “knower.” I knew she was going to jump.

In approximately the same year, my first public prophecy took place. It was an “out of the mouth of babes” moment.

My family and I stayed after morning service at the Phoenix Southern Baptist Church on 16th and Oak.  You know Baptists, Sunday buffet once a month at least.  I remember walking through the crowd and suddenly knowing our Pastor and “Mrs. Smith” had been sleeping together.  I was about ten years old and at that time on planet earth kids were not so savvy about bedroom issues.  I remember standing there and looking from one to the other and wondering why the Pastor would “sleep” with Mrs. Smith. Finally, with overwhelming curiosity I tugged on the Pastor’s coattail and blurted out, “Hey Pastor, why are you sleeping with Mrs. Smith.” The room went quiet and after a couple of moments my parents ushered me outside. I didn’t understand what I had done wrong until my parents explained the situation.

Two weeks later the Pastor made an open confession before the congregation and resigned.

Amazingly, about fifteen years later I received a phone call from the same Pastor. We had not had any contact since he left Phoenix. On the phone that day he thanked me for speaking up at the potluck. He said he was severely struggling in his walk with God, wanting to set things right but could not seem to confess or acknowledge the sin in his life. Because God exposed his infidelity he was able to move to the East-Coast and eventually reestablish his walk with the Lord.  Now, years later, he is walking right with the Lord and pastoring a large church.  I was very glad to receive his call. God is good at all times and in every way!