What will YOU do when “The Mark of the Beast” hits the kiosks and stores near you? Guess what – it already has!

Technology for “The Mark of the Beast” currently exists and is being employed throughout the world today. This amazing new, up and coming tech will offer immediate access to finances (banking, sales and purchases); medical records; reliable personal identification for quick movement over air, land and sea.  We will likely be able to access in real-time our elderly parents or adolescent children’s microchips in order to monitor locations, purchases, school or medical records and much more.

The tech is already in use and growing in popularity; so, what will you do when you are asked or mandated to receive these new bio-implants? In theory, it may seem easy to just say we will reject the tech but in reality it could create quite the problem.

Bear in mind, the only critical reason to refuse the currently optional technology will be God’s “command” to reject the tech. Anyone who receives The Mark will suffer God’s wrath and damnation (Revelation 14:9-11).

So, consider how you will purchase food, feed your family, pay your rent/mortgage, buy fuel for your car or pay your taxes when The Mark becomes mandatory and your faith demands you reject the tech?

Such is the mechanism God will use to separate true-Christians from pseudo-Christians before the Rapture. The Mark is here whether people recognize it, receive it or reject it outright. The question is, what will you do?

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