I grew up in a religious (Christian) environment and I occasionally heard stories about the coming of the Great Tribulation, a scary time of horrible judgment coming on the world. I often wondered why God would judge humanity for just being the humans He created.  Over the years I have asked several Pastors, Elders and Christians in general what the Great Tribulation judgment is all about. Why would God punish us for being exactly what He created, sinners? Most often I would be told it was God’s “righteous” punishment for those who rejected Jesus as their Savior. This answer seemed good enough for most, but did not totally stack up against the Loving God of scripture. Neither did it make sense to me on its own. If a loving God was going to punish the wickedness of humanity for seven long and grueling years (that’s a very long time to be judged by God) then there must be more to the story than just punishment for punishment’s sake. And I was right, there is much more to the story.

Fortunately for me and anyone reading This Side of the Whirlwind, God provided genuine answers.  I discovered there is little to no Biblical support for a seven year Great Tribulation period/apocalypse. This Side of the Whirlwind scripturally provides God’s divine revelation bringing a message that not only makes sense, but does not contradict scripture or God’s prophetic timeline. Concealed by God since the time of Daniel, what Scholars called the Great Tribulation was merely a gross lack of understanding. God did not allow us to know the Great Consummation message until we were nearing the end of the world as we know it! Of course the world will endure a period designated to judge humanity for rejecting His amazing and divine Son.  After all, the Creator did choose to become human so He could die to save our immortal souls; such has always been His divine plan and the method by which God chooses to create sons and daughters. What a privilege! However, God’s Wrath does not span seven years, but one year and that judgment only comes after God’s Children have been separated from the lost during the process of the Tribulation Period.  God made an agreement or covenant with humanity and the contract is about to come due! For millennia many of the details have been locked away, concealed by God; but now, those secrets are revealed in the divine message found in This Side of the Whirlwind. God is reaching out to save His Children. Will you take His hand? Will you hear His call?


Mysteries in the mist

Look beyond the rhetoric and find the answers in This Side of the Whirlwind. After thousands of years God has released the mystery of The Great Consummation. Be one of the first to learn these previously hidden and precious secrets. Learn how to prepare for the coming Storm.

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