Seal the Book

The Christian world presents numerous messages on what is commonly referred to as the Great Tribulation or the coming apocalypse. A lack of accurate information is one of the more common faults for the Great Tribulation’s name and its many flawed teachings. According to the Bible (Daniel 8:26, 12:4-11 and Revelation 10:1-11) God directed a large portion of the End Times information concealed from humanity until the Latter Days were actually in effect. With the Latter Days’ information concealed, it is not difficult to understand how mistaken End Times teachings would exhibit major flaws and missing truths. How could anyone accurately develop a message when a large portion of the information has been unavailable? Through divine revelation and God’s mercy, the information has now been provided for the world within the pages of “This Side of the Whirlwind” and probably recent or soon to be published books of others. We live in a big world with many languages, peoples, and traditions. God has likely given revelation to others throughout the world in order to reach the masses during these last days. The time is short, but by the end of the Great Consummation, every mystery of the Church Age will be revealed (Revelation 10:7).  We need to know what is going to happen while we still have time. Learn the answers while there is time to prepare and we are still on this side of the whirlwind.