Billions are fearful Christ may actually return. Confusion and concern over issues related to the Great Tribulation are understandable when the World has yet to find a reliable message for the coming trouble or the apocalypse soon to follow. Pre, Mid and Post tribulation teachings are grossly flawed.  A-Millennialism and Preterism also present with gaping holes and Biblical contradictions. Until now, there has not existed a reliable message. Until now, much of the End Times information has been fraught with misinterpretation.

The Whirlwind face

Hidden by God for millennia, revelation for the Great Consummation has finally been released. Learn of the coming storm. Discover the real reasons and purposes behind the Great Consummation and God’s plan for the coming age. Uncover these truths and more in This Side of the Whirlwind.  Locate your copy today at,,, and more.

We need not live in fear. There is great hope!